A downloadable game

A little pre-note, this uses python to run... sorry for the inconvenience.


Rose Of A Wolf is a Text Adventure by The Wolf Studios.

You wake up on an island with no recollection of what happened or where you are. You have to get up and get out of there. Enjoy the text adventure by The Wolf Studios where you go through a riveting tale about Johnathan who is trying to figure out what happened and get back to where you belong. This game features a system to jump to specific chapters or parts in the story along with a easy to use controls.

If this takes off well, I plan to make it into a FPS game instead of a text adventure, Meaning there will be more to explore, do, and see!

If you like what it is so far, then please feel free to vote it up on steam!

Install instructions

To download, get the file and python.

For python, go to https://www.python.org/downloads/ and download it for your system.

for the game, download the .zip and extract the folder to anywhere

after that, I recommend making a shortcut to your desktop or wherever you want it.

(currently, it also has a list of secret codes and it *Is Not Finished*)


ROAW.zip 78 kB